Daily Diet

A KISS process to daily health

Daily health requires healthy eating. This may sound simple but really it is not. In this day and age everything works against us to be healthy and eat healthy. From electric bikes to fast and pre-made food that we are frequently consuming there so much in our daily lives that discourage us to be healthy.

The KISS – Keep It Super Simple

Eat the right amount and eat clean. Our bodies are machines and need good fuel to help us have good energy and longevity.

Protein Powder

The main two things we need to talk about is protein intake and calorie intake. A main problems is the amount of calories that come along with eating the right amount of daily protein. To figure out your daily protein intake multiple out weight in LBS by 0.7 and this is the amount in oz. So next up is to lower the daily caloric intake. To fix this problem I use a product called Humapro. Humapro provides 25g of protein for only .02 calories.

Bring it all together

It’s time to mix it up!

There is more to all of this than protein and caloric intake. Frequently when people do fad and temporary diets they will end up with loose skin. This is due to the lack of detoxing while loosing weight. They loose the weight due to low caloric intake. You can loose weight that way. You can loose weight by eating donuts if you only eat 4 donuts a day and that is all you eat. This is not a solution nor healthy!

Nutrition is key

Whole food, fruit and vegetables, come in many colors. Each color represents different vitamins and minerals. It is key to eat a rainbow of colors of food. So I the mix in the powder reds and greens. To step up the detox process we can also add in spirulina and powder beets. This addition will help the body process toxins and flush them out.

The Mix

In .75 to 1.5 L of water mix in 1/2 to 1 scoops of each of the powered vitamins and minerals, add in your protein (0.7 * ideal body weight divided by 2 in oz – 2 drinks a day) and drink. Drink the mix in a short amount of time. You will feel full. Do this two times a day.

Suggested Powders

Many powders are the same. This is just some of the ones that I have used and like. Feel free to change them but make sure to keep an eye on the ingredients.

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Powder Greens

Powder Reds

Powder Beet


Collagen Peptides


Perfect 7

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