Five Keys to a Successful Relationship

Key 1: Give 100%

Always give 100%. Now keep in mind that you are doing your best. This is simply to say that your best changes with how your doing. Giving 100% just means that you are all in. No matter what happens, for better or worse you are going to be by your partners side. You will always have their back NO MATTER WHAT!

Key 2: Honor and respect your partner

Just as you always give 100% you must always honor and respect your partner. Sometimes you may not agree with your partner and you may have different ideas on what is the “right way”. But you must always honor and respect your partners ideas and beliefs no matter how they are different from yours.

Key 3: Set a positive example

Everyday beings new possibilities, adventures and struggles in to our lives. It is key to maintain a positive outlook for ourselves and for everyone around us. Sometimes it is hard and this is asking to much. At those times it is ok to seek out space self indulge in your emotions. However it is not ok to carry depression. This is not healthy for your self or anyone around you. Attitudes are contagious and we don’t want to have one that might kill others.

Key 4: Communicate in love

To communicate in love is to respect yourself and those around you. When we speak from the heart and filter through our mind we are being true and caring with our word. It is importune to remember the power of our word. We can change peoples lives in a single phase. The more loving we are the richer our own lives will be.

Key 5: Together time

Quality time is key to staying connected. So often in life it is the simple things that bring us together and make life full of excitement. No matter if it is a quick walk with your partner or watching the sun set. Make sure to embrace the time that you have together and to make time together. Don’t let life get in the way. This has to be a concise effort.

Remember; The way you do anything is the way you do everything. For the most part people never change and those who do and can have a power that only a few can ever know. 

By Michael Wheeler 2018